Schüco Corona CT 70 AS Classic

Schüco Corona CT 70 AS Rondo

Schüco Corona CT 70 AS Classic

Schüco Corona CT 70 AS Classic TopAlu

Schüco Corona CT 70 AS Rondo TopAlu

Schüco Corona CT 70 AS TopAlu

Corona CT 70 AS is a 5-chamber PCV-U system with rebate gasket. Excellent thermal insulation properties and narrow face widths are the distinctive features of this system.  Isolation system with two rebate gaskets and deeply embedded window glass help to minimize heat loss. Two drainage levels  ensure excellent sound reduction values. Narrow face widths guarantee maximum light penetration. Reinforcing profiles in the outer and vent frames ensure that the windows are highly robust and durable. The offer contains wide selection of lamination colours and a possibility to use anode PCV facing or enameled facing.

System features:

  • Wall thicknesses in accordance with RAL-GZ /716 and DIN EN 12608 Class A and B
  • RAL tested PVC-U window system
  • High level of functional reliability with 8 mm vent overlaps
  • 5 mm gasket clearance takes up tolerances between outer and vent frames
  • Perfectly sized reinforcing chambers to meet the highest structural requirements
  • Glazing bead heights of 23 mm for increased glass edge cover
  • Gaskets made of EPDM rubber and automatically inserted in the factory have excellent recovery properties and permanent elasticity
  • Innovative gasket geometries with wide surfaces ensure excellent weather tightness of joints
  • Timeless, slimline look of the window
  • Vent profiles are available in 3 different contours (Classic, Rondo, Cava) and can be coloured with a large selection of single colour and woodgrain decorative foils
  • Corona CT 70 TopAlu gives unique design possibilities owing to durable PCV anode facing or facing coloured in any colour available in the RAL sample colour chart
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